Artwork guide

To help structure your artwork proposal please refer to the guide below:

  1. Artwork details:
    I. Title
    II. Description:
    – Nature of the piece
    – Estimated scale and size of the work
    – For time based media, state duration, number of channels and provide links if available.
    – Production schedule if work is unfinished.
    – State any production requests from the curators.
    III. Installation Specifications:
    – Give instructions as to how technicians should install your work.
    – Provide images of any relevant components.
    – Use diagrams to explain installations / performances.
  2. Floorplan:
    – Use the included floorplan to suggest a location for your work.
  3. Equipment list:
    For example
    – Projectors / screens: type and size?
    – Media players, extension cords, hanging fixtures.
    – Speakers / headphones: type, direction, wired/wireless, volume, amp needed?
  4. Shipping / logistics:
    – List weight, dimensions and locations of each item/package.